New photos

We started these about 3 weeks  ago . Hope it warms up soon so I can get them in the ground.



My new photos won’t load, hopefully we can get them to load soon.


Listening to someone who having a hard time can give them a sense of hope.

if we have hope we can build dreams, if we have love we learn compassion. This is what makes us Rich.

This puts me back on bullying listen to us kids take 5 mins hear our words it could be the difference.


family is everything. It doesn’t have to be blood. Being 12 years old i have learned sometimes someone on the outside  can be more family then the ones that are blood.

I have awesome mom but i have a mom 2 she awesome even though a very busy schedule she fits me in when she can. She loving has a big heart, beautiful from the inside out.she always encourages me to do my best. I can tell her anything she don’t get mad.🦋 I am in a blessed place. My mom has no worries about mom 2 because she always says little boys don’t always want to tell mom everything. So having someone on the outside is just fine, the scary thing is they are so much alike. I can ask them both the same things i get the same answer from both. I am blessed to be love just the way i am.